Best Reference Books – Diploma – Agricultural Engineering


We have compiled a list of best reference books in Agricultural Engineering for students doing Diploma in this area. These books are used by Agricultural Engineering students of top universities in the world and many other institutes and colleges.

Here’s the full list of all Diploma – Agricultural Engineering subjects and one can visit any subject below to get a list of best books on that subject.

Core Subjects
Here’s the list of core/mandatory subjects for Diploma in Agricultural Engineering.

1. Agribusiness Management
2. Dimensions of Agricultural Extension
3. Agricultural Machinery
4. Agricultural Process Engineering I
5. Agricultural Process Engineering II
6. Agronomy
7. Engineering Properties and Processing of Seeds
8. Costing and Estimating
9. Farm Machinery
10. Farm Power, Solar and Wind Energy
11. Food and Dairy Technology
12. Greenhouse Technology
13. Hydrology and Management of Watersheds
14. Micro Irrigation Principles and Practices
15. On-Farm Irrigation and Drainage Practices
16. Operation and Maintenance of Farm Machinery
17. Plant Protection
18. Post-Harvest Technology
19. Elements of Electrical Engineering
20. Professional Ethics and Indian Constitution
21. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering and Practices
22. Soil Science and Soil Mechanics
23. Solid Waste Utilization and Bio-Energy
24. Strength of Materials
25. Surveying and Leveling
26. Applied Thermodynamics
27. Tractor Systems, Operation and Maintenance
28. Wells, Pumps Operation and Maintenance

Elective Subjects

1. Agricultural Process Engineering
2. Agriculture Waste Management
3. Renewable Energy Resources

General Subjects

1. Applied Science
2. Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3. English for Communication
4. Computer Application in Agricultural Engineering
5. Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Studies
6. Engineering Drawing
7. Engineering Mathematics I
8. Engineering Mathematics II
9. Mechanical Engineering
10. Engineering Physics
11. Principles and Practices of Crop Production (Agronomy)
12. Fluid Mechanics and Pneumatics
13. Principles of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines
14. Surveying and Leveling

If any subject needs to be added to the list of Agricultural Engineering (Diploma) topics above, please let us know.

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