Best books For First year BSc Agriculture in Subject-wise


Indeed, it’s never that a solitary book can fulfil you, No, you need to take a few books of the subject by various essayists then just you’ll have the capacity to cover every one of the points of your schedule. In any case, these are a few books which have the greater part of the issue that you’ll need and they will be even useful in up and coming years as well.

Soil science-Dilip Kumar Das

Agronomy-Reddy and Reddy/SR Reddy (somewhat enlightening than the previous however previous is the best one)

Cultivation Jitendra Singh (nuts and bolts of agriculture)

Plant pathology-D P Tripathi

Hereditary qualities – Elements of hereditary qualities by human sing ( it is the best book short yet enlightening issue is accessible and furthermore the book is elusive however I know it since it was accessible in our library) generally BD Singh book is additionally great and effectively accessible in the market

Financial matters – you should take 11 and 12 eco books they were useful and the other book Agriculture Economics ( by Suba or Sudha) additionally Managerial Economics by Jain, Khandelwal, Choudhary(really great one, request this one from your trade subject companions)

Ranger service prologue to ranger service by SR Reddy and C Nagamani

Plant physiology(biochemistry)- SN Panday BK Sinha

Augmentation – OP Dharma and GL Ray (correspondence book)

What’s more, in 1 year 11 the and 12 the Biology NCERT book is your best assistance.

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